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Principal: PRIMOŽ MALAVAŠIČ (more)
Registrar and secretary: DRAGO MALAVAŠIČ


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Adress: Notranjska cesta 4, 1370 Logatec

"Music is a revelation greater that all wisdom and philosophy"

(L. van Beethoven)


The founding of the Logatec Music School goes back to the year 1972, when the Municipial Assembly of Logatec, on the suggestion of the council of culture and education, passed the Act on foundation of music departments within the Dolnji Logatec Grammar School 8. talcev.


Since March 10th, 1992, the school has been running as an independent institute of music education.


Two years later, on February 9th, 1994, the doors of the new facility of the Logatec Music School were opened to honour the National Day of Culture.


The statistics, showing a remarkable number of enrolling children from the village of Rovte, have necessitated the establishment of subsidiary music departments in Rovte. Lessons in piano, accordion, recorder and flute have been taught since 1998 in the facilities of the Rovte Grammar School. Then on October 1st, 2004, the new subsidiary of the Logatec Music School was open in Rovte for individual instrument lessons and group musical theory lessons.


On December 11th, 1997, The Municipal Council of Logatec, at its 31st assembly, passed a Decree on the founding of the education institute Logatec Music School, which in addition to the regular musical education lists a number of current activities.


The following is our scope of activities:

  • audio and video recording, including the production of records and cassettes,
  • artistic creation and performance,
  • rendering the facilities for cultural events,
  • publishing of books,
  • organization of concerts, competitions and various music performances,
  • other education,
  • organization and realization of exhibitions,
  • loan of books, records, video cassettes and other teaching equipment,
  • organization of summer schools, courses and seminars,
  • preservation and restoration works on the institute facilities,
  • renting the facilities in accordance with the founder.


The activities of the institute belong to the domain of public service and are promoted in public interest.


The Logatec Music School is active as well in the area of the amateur cultural activities in the municipality (Logatec Wind Orchestra, Public Fund for Cultural Activities the Logatec regional branch, Logatec Library, Rovte Town Library, Logatec Tourist Society, Logatec Octet) and our pupils regularly perform at various cultural events both locally and out of town.


The school's concert hall is indeed a multi purpose venue; it frequently hosts weddings, lectures, meetings and exhibitions.


The number of pupils places the Logatec Music School among the Slovenian schools of middle capacity, but its rich curriculum and departmental variety are well above the Slovene average. The school offers a comprehensive education in musical theory and performance, including the lessons in all instruments, except harp. Our programme is being enriched year to year with the additional extra standard offer, which further broadens the range of musical activities of the school and its environment.


Our teachers, very young in average, are highly qualified, which is well reflected in the pupils' outstanding achievements at competitions and success in the entrance examinations to art grammar schools in Ljubljana and Koper, which present a turning point on a way to professional musicianship.


There is no doubt that the Logatec Music School renders a marked contribution to the municipality of Logatec and its background and it will keep striving for the words of the great genius L. van Beethoven Music is a revelation greater that all wisdom and philosophy to manifest in the school's work and its mission.


Glasbena šola Logatec

Notranjska cesta 4

1370 Logatec


Tel.: 01/759 07 30

Tel.: 01/ 759 07 32

Fax: 01/759 07 33

E-mail: gslogatec@gslogatec.si



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